When worlds collide

I’m sharing a little video, made by my friend Helen, because it’s an interesting illustration of interests colliding.

I worked with Helen over 13 years ago at ANZ, she was a learning specialist and I was working on the graduate and talent programs.  While we both left ANZ,we reconnected through social media and have stayed in touch.  I followed her learning work and she, with an interest in art and craft, followed some of my activities and roles.

Coincidentally we’ve both ended up in the world of social learning, me through my research and PhD, she through shifts in the learning community and her interests in new methods of working.

She’s also an avid (and very good) knitter, crafter and maker (recently opened an Etsy shop here) and she brings her passion to social learning back into this world.  In this recent video she talks about how makers just ‘get it’.  Again reinforcing what I see in my research, that this is how creatives learn most effectively.

And now I work at Craft (or do for a period) there’s the added connection in the world of makers. I’m excited to have Helen come and speak to the maker community later in the year about how social learning can benefit the craft community.