Hello it’s almost mid- August

How the hell did that happen?

I’m typing from my ‘new’ study in my ‘new’ house which is 85% perfect. Still waiting on furniture (which is a saga in itself), the garden to be cleaned up (starts next week) and all my art to be collected and situated (hopefully next week.)

It’s a great, if sometimes cold, house with lots of character and some great liveable features.  We can’t wait for Spring and our new table and then we can swing open our doors and enjoy a sit down, not on the couch dinner while looking at our real backyard (which the dog isn’t interested in.)

I’m plodding along at the PhD, still aimlessly writing journal articles that go nowhere and data chapters that may turn into something great.  I’m currently working on my last data section before drafting my introduction and conclusion and then DRAFT ONE FINISHED.

I had some serious deadlines. I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship extension, but this runs out right at the time my supervisor retires.  So how’s that for a real due date?  Personally this is the best thing for me. I know February 1st is a hard date.  No more. Done.  It’s quite exciting really. If not daunting.

The rest of my time has been dominated by my part-time (sometimes all consuming) job, which I love to bits and am really sorry to be ending.  This too is a saga in itself and I plan to write a separate post on this later today, as it’s quite the leadership (failure) case study.

Onwards and upwards as I start a new, short term, research job at Deakin University in a few weeks which could be the start of something casual for my post PhD life (here’s hoping.)

Life is good, if not a little exhausting.  I miss yoga and I’m not necessarily in the healthiest of places physically. But this is really proving to be quite the year.

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