In a nutshell…

It’s six days until our move home to Melbourne.  Weirdly last week, which featured one farewell meal per day at least, was highly PhD productive.  As I may have noted previously I am focussing on my methodology for the next month or so, and last week I sat down to think epistemology.

It was exciting to realise I actually ‘get’ stuff so much more than I did a year ago.  At the end of the week I  butcher’s paper across the table and grabbed my markers to document all the key ideas I had.  I always know when I’m happy with my thinking as I use big sheets of paper and coloured pens.

Today I met with my supervisor to take her through where I’m at.  I’d sent her a chapter plan a few weeks ago (before breakthroughs) and the first thing she suggested was I change my research questions.


The thing I have been most proud off is the fact that after 2.5 years I still 100% believe in my research question.

But you know what? As often in the case, she’s probably right. My research question reflects my state of mind 2.5 years ago.  It doesn’t actually highlight where I’m going now.

That said, I have very little idea what it will be. Some idea. Just very little.

She also said I take my coloured marker thinking and turn it in to an abstract.

But it’s the methodology, not the whole thesis? I haven’t even finished all my transcription, let alone data analysis.

Maybe not a full and perfect abstract, but definitely a conceptualisation of where my thesis is headed.  This is something I had planned to do here. Last week I was just too wrecked. I see this as an iterative process, it might take 2-3 blog posts to get an abstract.

So that is coming up.

Moving forward I have fortnightly skype sessions, so discipline is being imposed.  It’s exciting though, as I feel like the rubber is hitting the road and the dominoes are beginning to fall. And other mixed metaphors/cliches.

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