New goals for semester 2

Back this week and hard at it.  I spent my first day at ‘work’ at another workshop run by UTS, conducted by Nick Hopwood. Once again it was a fantastic, practical session that (I hope) will help me unlearn some of the bad academic habits I’ve developed.

The events over the past month, however, have persuaded me to reconsider my goals for this semester.  I thought I’d note them down before meeting with my supervisor tomorrow.

1. Interviews: feedback from the conference was that I may have too much data.  I could technically stop collecting data now and just write on the arts sector.  My gut feeling, however, if this won’t be as interesting as if I wrote on the creative industries more broadly.  I want to understand how different organisational structures and profit motives influence communities of practice and leadership development.  Do those in more ‘traditional’ organisationally structured sectors like advertising have an organisationally driven approach?  I almost want these people included to benchmark how communities of practice may be a unique feature available to the arts.

So with that in mind I am reducing the number of interviews, but not stopping.  I will have 33 soon, and I’ve planned to do 5 on the advertising sector in Melbourne, and maybe another 5 on computer animation in early 2016.  Thus I’m thinking I’ll do one more group, either publishing or gaming/app design (anyone know any emerging leaders who would be willing to participate from these sectors let me know.)  If all of these feature male primary subjects it will help me achieve a gender balance and bring my total number of interviews to around 48.

2.Delivery of the new course for UNSW is on track, though the experience of dealing with them this semester has been wretched and I am not unhappy this may be my last semester.

3. Writing a chapter, likely the contextual chapter, is a must.

4 & 5: Industry presentation and articles.  I’m less focussed on this than I was because of the feedback that I’m not academic enough.  I think I need to worry less about industry profile and more about academic profile. These may take a back seat unless a great opportunity/idea presents itself.


6. Conference paper at the 41st International Conference of Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) in Adelaide in December. (Awful timing for me.)

Just need to see how this aligns to the Stage 2 requirements.

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