Goal achievement unlocked

You might remember these lofty goals, posted in January.

2015 Academic goals:

  1. To be published (or accepted for publication) in one academic journal
  2. To present at a conference, or PhD workshop as part of conference (AIMAC application currently outstanding)
  3. To successfully deliver new ‘Cultural and Creative Leadership’ course at UNSW Art & Design (Semester 2)
  4. To publish one piece in non-academic platform, such as The Conversation

As of today I am well underway in achieving a few of them.  I’ve tried really hard this semester to work on my writing, not just the quality of it (which sure needs work) but also my confidence to put it out into the world for real discussion – not just hiding away on this blog site.  For me is a little terrifying to say “I know this, I have an opinion on it, you should read it.”

This week I published two pieces that I’m actually pretty proud of.  First, a short, anecdotal piece about the impact of language on PhD students appeared on Nick Hopwood’s academic blog here, and second, an opinion on cultural leadership in the wake of the 2015-6 budget on The Conversation.   Big tick for goal number four there.

In other goals, I’m redrafting my first real submission to an academic journal at the moment and it WILL get published somewhere/somehow, and I’m hoping my leadership course at UNSW is set to go (meeting about that today, so here’s hoping there aren’t any surprises.)

And I’m off to France in 6 weeks for AIMAC 2015 to be part of the PhD workshop.  So without jinxing it, 2015 is travelling along pretty well!

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