Oh hai….

So I’ve fallen off the radar, again.  The cause has been two fold. Firstly, I have some ‘blog drama’ with my personal blog being cited in inappropriate ways, and then the address was published online in a news article without my permission. Long story.  So I’ve been less inclined to blog (and made my other site private.)

Secondly I fell down a rabbit hole PhD wise.  For a while I was trying to do too much and not doing anything well.  If I look at the tasks I was hoping to achieve in February I didn’t really get anywhere on any of them, but I dabbled in each.  I realised I had to focus on one thing and do it well.

I did review my Cultural Policy class, and I am in week 5 of delivery.  Content wise it is fine, but I’ve been crippled by a bad room and session time, leaving me with only about 9 students.  It’s been demoralising to say the least. I’m doing my best to make those 9 have the most fabulous semester, but it’s a struggle.  It also makes my ability to invite guest lectures a challenge, as who wants to take time out of their job to speak to 9 students when Uni of Sydney have over 100 in their class? It has made me question whether it is my ability too.  Knowing I’m launching a brand new subject in second semester, when I haven’t really got my head around it, is worrying me a lot. But enough of that.

PhD wise headed to Adelaide in March and interviewed five people from the theatre world. It was the best trip ever. I could not have planned it better.  The content is golden. I have about 20,000 words of pure unadulterated magic.  So I have decided to focus my proposed journal article solely on this group and their relationship to career development.  I had to throw out some of what I’d done in the past, but I think it will be worth it.

Transcribing has been done and I’ve pulled together four themes – Relationship to formal education, peer learning and communities of practice, organisational development and the structural nature of theatre.  I’m really hoping that a) this will become a publishable article and b) it offers some learnings for those in the industry.  And I hope that this may become a case study chapter in my PhD itself.

Interview wise I have done just over 20, and have another 2 scheduled and about 8 people I’m waiting on.  My biggest frustration is still getting people to agree, and confirm times. And I have one primary candidate who was a great subject, but hasn’t given me any secondary people to speak to.  So without that her data will become unusable, which would be a great shame.  Once I hit 35 or 40 I’m going to break for a while to catch up on transcription and research, returning in July to see what gaps I need to fill in.  70 is still the target.

I can’t believe it is Easter already.  It’s concerning how fast this year is going.

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