Ticking boxes

Half way through week 2 and how am I going?  Checking in on my goal completion.

By the end of last week I was to:

  • Get organised for the year: clean desk, order new equipment (mouse, printer cartridges, new iPad – all things that I need and have avoided doing.)

Big tick. And can’t believe I put off getting a new iPad for so long….I feel like I don’t need glasses any more, the screen is so clear!

  • Update my interview schedule project plan for 2015

Big tick. Not contacting people for another week yet, summer in Sydney, but the plans are there.

  • Begin transcribing my outstanding interviews – finish by end of the month

Tick, three done, four to go.

  • Get back into reading, and importantly, note taking.

Read one book, not really notes, more a flurry of post-its.  Probably not as good as it should be. A good book though, will definitely help both my thesis and my teaching.

  • Lay out the thematic areas I need to review this semester

I’m kicking off with a focus on the creative industries – what are they, why am I focussing on them, why are they important and what are the HR/people issues involved with them. I’d like to write a draft of this chapter in the next 6 weeks.

Also need to think about actor network theory….

So not a bad start to the year. This week has been highjacked a little by the Golden Globes (v.important, don’t knock) and a unexpected trip to Melbourne for family reasons, but back on track as of…..now.

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