Free writing

Hi there, I’m back, sort of.  I have a new shiny fibreglass cast that makes writing even more of a challenge than before.  I have submitted a pretty awful methodology chapter, and am in the process of reworking it into something slightly less bad.  I know that it will relate little to what is eventually submitted, as I’m convinced this methodology design is a journey.

Also submitted my ethics application to my supervisor for consideration, with the aim of getting that approved in August. Then sh*t get real, I can do my pilot interviews.  From there we go through the doctoral assessment process and into the 2015 plan of data collection.  All moves quite fast doesn’t it?

Of course I have another 50% of my literature review to do, which I’m about to get stuck into.  A lot of reading with less writing is on the cards for the month before I get my cast off mid- August.

So why am I popping in here? Well I’m in my final week of a critical and creative thinking course run online via QUT. It’s been interesting but not mind blowing. In the last week we have to do a free writing exercise, and I thought I might as well do it here.  Free writing when in a cast is not a huge amount of fun, but here goes….

The thing that frustrates me about my research at the moment is… 

 The ideas that I have in my head are not as yet translated to the page in the way I want. My research questions are pretty simple:

  • How do emerging leaders in the Australian creative industries develop their leadership capabilities?
  • How do emerging leaders within the Australian creative industries relate to, and define, leadership?
  • What activities do they undertake with regard to general career development?

But unpacking them and defining a methodology just opens up a whole can of worms in my head.  Even re reading these questions now and I find the last one two pedestrian.  The questions don’t reflect the level of creativity in which I want to tackle this project itself. Words like creativity, narrative, storytelling are more interesting than career development.

Should I have just the first two questions? is two questions enough? Am I worrying about the little things when I really need to make big progress?

My biggest struggle is making this research a) valid, and something that will ‘pass’ while being b)useful to a broader audience and c) interesting to read (and maybe d) something that will help me find a job.)

STOP- End time

Section 2- take a theme from the first writing (above) and write on this for 5 minutes.

Theme: Words like creativity, narrative, storytelling are more interesting than career development.

Am I trying to be ‘interesting for interesting’s sake?” Should this thesis be a workman like review of leadership/career development rather than something that tries to blend narrative and story telling into a rather pedestrian concept?  Maybe the narrative aspect comes out in the case studies rather than being explicitly discussed as a methodological question?

I feel like I am potentially trying too hard.

I keep plodding along, not knowing where I’ll stop. I do need someone to say “that’s a stupid idea.” (leads to a concern that my supervisor is being too easy on me.)

Is career development and leadership just a story anyhow? We construct our careers through the gaining of skills and the changing of jobs, with the view of creating a ‘happy ending’ of success, wealth, recognition or whatever it is we want.

Construction of career as story telling.

STOP- end time (10 minutes of wonky cast writing hurts!)

 Some thoughts to consider there, for now back to the course….


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