Organisation or paralysis

I’ve stepped away from feminist readings and writing.   I got to 1400 words before my brain gave up, and I haven’t sent it to S1 or 2 as I don’t think it is worthy.  That said, it will form the basis of section of feminist theory, so it ain’t all bad.

I’m taking a break from reading for a few days, to start organising my notes into sections within excel.  After only about 2 hours I have a satisfying list.  I like lists.  It gives me the ability to visually identify key themes, and how may articles I have attached to those themes.  Allowing me to quickly view where my reading is weak.  I’ve decided to do this for a week, then plug in the gaps next week, and then spend the two final weeks in April re-writing my section on leadership theory.

It does make for a challenge writing wise, given my aim of still trying to write 500+ a day (as practice.)  As I get into re-writing territory I don’t really want to add things here for the sake of posting.  Don’t forget I have another personal blog I write on 3 times a week or so.

So if I seem to be AWOL for a week or two, don’t think I’ve abandoned my (blog) post.  I am plugging away.  In fact I have a full four days at home with nothing by PhD work ahead of me, so I expect this to be a productive week.

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