I love it when a plan comes together

PhotoIt says something about my mind when I use a quote from “The A Team” as a headline.

Note: the uptake of readers of this blog has been surprising.  I’m not really doing this as a form of communication with other people and did contemplate making it private.  But the number of followers has surprised me in the first week, we aren’t talking huge, but I can’t really think why anyone would want to read this.  It will really annoy me if I end up with more readers or followers here than on my other blog. Just saying.

This morning I sat down with my sharpies and butcher’s paper (I was too exhausted last night after writing) and mapped out my ideas for part one of my literature review.  As I mentioned in this earlier post on leadership, and reiterated yesterday on process, I have come full circle in my structural thinking.  When I put everything on paper, aligning the questions I had been thinking about with the proposed structure of the section, it came together nicely. There may have been a little happy dance.

Yesterday I also completed my 2,000 words on critical leadership and sent them off to S1 and S2.  I am not sure if either will actually read them. But that’s not the point.  The discipline to actually write them was something I needed.  And they will help form part of the about critical section in my lit review.  It was a step that had been missing in my self-defined process last year that I think helps clarify my ideas and (hopefully) makes me a better writer.

S1 and I talked this morning about the role she can play and the relationship with S2, and she admitted she did skim my writing and gave some good feedback. To be honest I expected that if it was read it would have been ripped to pieces (as a learning experience) so this was a nice surprise.

We’ve also mapped out a timeframe for the next few months:

  • April: I continue to work of the “what is leadership?” theme and try to pull everything together in 10,000 or so words.  While this sounds like a lot you can see from the above map that there is a huge amount of terrain to cover.
  • May to mid-June: I do the same for leadership development.  This is ambitious in some respect as I’ll have worked on the leadership side for three months.  I hope that I’ve become a bit more efficient in my reading and can be more judicious with my time.
  • Mid-June  – August: Methodology and ethics.  How am I going to conduct my primary research, with whom, how do I find and contact them, what do I ask them.  What methods will I use to analyse the data collected.

The aim is to do Stage 1 assessment September/October and ethics clearance just before or just after.  Setting me up for primary data collection in 2015.

After reading a couple of thesis I’m surprised at the scope of data collection, as in it is not as broad as I expected.  Thirty interviews may be all that’s needed.  Doesn’t sound too hard does it? (But I am prepared to be surprised.)

This week has been a very good week academically. I received a positive email from a student saying she enjoyed my classes, I have written A LOT and I have a plan for moving forward.

This blog has helped, undoubtedly.  It has removed a mental barrier I had with regard to writing.  Next, as in tomorrow, I start looking at feminist analysis of leadership.  Wont that be fun?


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